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Avon and Bristol Woodturners

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The Max Carey Woodturning Trust runs the workshop, known as The Mill.  Situated at the rear of 35 High Street, Portishead, the Mill is available for skills training and practice every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Directions  -  from Portishead High Street, opposite Empiro Lounge,  go down the corridor between Super Saver Shop and The Sports Shop, and up steps.

The Club’s Apprentice training course and the Max Carey Woodturning Trust “Journeyman and “Artisan” courses are delivered at the Mill.

This workshop is the envy of many other woodturning clubs and associations, as it provides access to all the equipment required for woodturning, including 20 plus lathes, associated tools and equipment. The Trust went live in January 2010 to ensure the availability of continued training facilities for the future. For more information about The Mill click here

The club has a close association with  the Max Carey Woodturning Trust who have their own facilities in Portishead where they run training courses.

Woodturning Programme for Beginners

Under the instruction of The Max Carey Woodturning Trust staff a complete novice can walk through the door and receive free tuition, from the first steps in woodturning, correct method of use of tools and machinery for your future safety, to a completion of a structured training course, and presentation of a certificate upon completion of the course to the required standard. All this at a nominal charge per day to cover billing costs and maintenance of the many machines. The many who attend our courses have many happy hours making new friends, and learning a skill in the process. All this without having to purchase their own tools or lathe until they are competent, and armed with the knowledge of what tools and lathe to purchase later.

A manual has been produced covering a program for newcomers to woodturning. This is a comprehensive package consisting of advice on tools and machinery, 10 modules of work including drawings of the items for completion of this training programme.

For more information about the Apprenticeship Style Programme please click here



Journeyman scheme

This training scheme aims to expand the skills of intermediate woodturners, introducing them to many new techniques and more ambitious projects. For more information please click here

Artisan scheme

A training programme that commenced in November 2011 for those who have completed the Journeyman programme and want to take their skills and projects even further. For further information please click here


Apprentice Style Programme

Journeyman Scheme

Artisan Programme